Tomorrow is the last day of 2021! The second year with COVID-19. I cannot tell you all how grateful I am to have survived yet another year in the midst of COVID.  AWESOME TEAM I am super thankful of my staff members. With many changes in the Government's COVID measures, my team is always on standby, ready to act in accordance to MOH's directives - therapy groups of 2 or groups of 5, ART if the child has a HRW, ART if the child has a family member with IO, etc. Pfft! So many different variations! All my staff members also followed my directive to take weekly ART without hesitation, even when it was not mandated. They conscientiously followed up with sending declarations to parents before every session. For my home-based therapists, they even had to eat their lunches in a corner at void decks when no dining-in was allowed!  PARTNERS Families - So thankful for the families who supported us throughout the past year. They did not kick a fuss when we took extra safety measures to can

HORN HIERARCHY - TalkTools or not TalkTools, that is NOT the question.

Image I am half impressed and half stunned by the pseudo-"Talktools Horn Hierarchy" on Shopee. Similar horns. Less than half the price. Even the kazoo is included (#11)! At the end of the day, always remember that it is not the tools, but the underlying principles that matters - whether it is working on the jaw, the lips, the tongue, the breath support or the voicing. Always ask your Speech Therapist what, how, and why. WHAT tool is this? HOW should my child use it? WHY does my child need to use this? Oh! Forgot to disclaim that oral motor work will NOT produce speech. Speech work will produce speech. Oral motor work will only prepare the child for speech work. So please make sure that your child is doing speech practices if you want him/her to start talking soon!


Two Saturdays ago, we had our first Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy trial session! In this blog entry, Jayne, the Speech Therapist in-charge of the therapy groups, answers some questions about what Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy is all about. It is definitely NOT any music and movement groups! Firstly, what is Sing-To-Talk? Sing-To-Talk is a series of materials created by Speech Therapist Hui Ting and Music Therapist Jenny Lee. Both of them met in 2008 when they were working together in a special school in Singapore. Hui Ting was looking for new and fun ideas to help children learn speech, language and social skills, while Jenny was exploring what else music can do. Together, they came up with this set of resources. While the resources were first created as hardcopies, part of it is now available on the app store. (Still a work in progress to get all the resources up!) Sing-To-Talk app preview What is Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy? Sing-to-


Now... how shall I start this blog entry... how about a very cliché "What an exceptional year this has been."? Indeed indeed... indeed an 'exceptional' year, however, it is not because of the COVID pandemic and how it has impacted (negatively) on Summer's and my personal life, but it is because of the silver linings. I have even more things to be thankful about this year! My Team First and foremost, I want to give full credit to my team! I love each and everyone of them so much - Mag, Melissa, Hon Tjuin, Jayne and our newbie Yvonne. All of them remained calm during the uncertain times, doing their best, playing their parts and supporting one another as we braved the storm together.  5th Anniversary Celebrations Yes! We celebrated our 5th anniversary this 6th of July. While the team cannot gather physically like previous years to celebrate, our COVID-style celebration was even more meaningful. We hosted a free webinar series of four webinars ("Talk with Me&quo


Team Summer's! (Missing our IT Engineer who is based in Malaysia.) "Congrats on your dream come true!" one of my friends greeted me enthusiastically as she presented me a bouquet of flowers on Summer's Official Opening two Saturdays ago.  My response? "Oh! Opening a center has never been my dream."   My friend was taken aback. Yup, that's right, I had never desired to open a physical center, and so this 'milestone' is not a 'dream come true'. And here's why... Reasons Why Opening a Center was Never a Dream A Love for Home-based Therapy First and foremost, I love home-based therapy. The comfort and security of the home brings out a different side of the children and their caregivers. I also get to see the real deal, of how a child behaves (or misbehaves) in his/her territory and how parents respond. Besides that, at least one caregiver will be around during the sessions, making debriefs, demonstrations and follow-up much easier. So, ev


A Circuit Breaker (CB) in Singapore! Being stuck in the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia! What a way to mark the first anniversary of our Speech Therapist, Jayne. Let's have a chat with her and get to know her a bit more.  Me: Hi Jayne, time flies! It has been a year since you started at Summer's. Tell us a little about how your first year went. Jayne: Hi Hui Ting 😄 Time has definitely flown by! Well.. to summarize the year, I would say that it has been a year of growth, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Lots have happened over the past year, particularly this past 3 months which is an unusual time for all of us as we face the global pandemic together. Having to change our routines, the way we work, while coping with the unfamiliar situation has definitely taught me personally to value simple things in life and to count my blessings each day. Last year I took a big leap of faith to relocate from Malaysia to Singapore. It was not an easy decis


And so... our teletherapy sessions will live on! For another four more weeks... till 1 June... together with the extension of our Circuit Breaker. Since we suspended all face-to-face sessions on 8 April, we have been providing teletherapy*. Despite this being a fairly new area for us, it was not difficult to pick up; there are plenty of resources online such as suggested teletherapy platforms and therapy resources. However, I wish someone has given me the following five tips! # Tip 1: Do NOT leave food cooking in your rice cooker just before lunch break! If your teletherapy session is at 11 am, just before lunch, do NOT put anything to cook in the rice cooker, thinking that the food will be ready right when your session is over. The aroma of the food can be a huge distraction!  All-in-a-pot mushroom chicken rice! Smells sooooo good! (Yes, surprise! HT can cook... a little.) # Tip 2: Do NOT leave your clothes out to dry during your session! After doing your lau