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Now... how shall I start this blog entry... how about a very cliché "What an exceptional year this has been."? Indeed indeed... indeed an 'exceptional' year, however, it is not because of the COVID pandemic and how it has impacted (negatively) on Summer's and my personal life, but it is because of the silver linings. I have even more things to be thankful about this year! My Team First and foremost, I want to give full credit to my team! I love each and everyone of them so much - Mag, Melissa, Hon Tjuin, Jayne and our newbie Yvonne. All of them remained calm during the uncertain times, doing their best, playing their parts and supporting one another as we braved the storm together.  5th Anniversary Celebrations Yes! We celebrated our 5th anniversary this 6th of July. While the team cannot gather physically like previous years to celebrate, our COVID-style celebration was even more meaningful. We hosted a free webinar series of four webinars ("Talk with Me&quo