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Whenever friends ask me, "So how many staff members do you have?" My reply of "I have three therapists and an IT Engineer." never fails to draw a surprise "WHY do you need an IT Engineer?" Here's why...  Interview with Hon Tjuin, our Trusty IT Engineer Me:  Hi Hon Tjuin, great to finally have this interview with you. You have been with us for more than six months and everyone has been asking why Summer's needs an IT Engineer! Please help me clear the air.  Hon Tjuin:  Hahaha! Great question! My main role is to oversee the IT needs of the company, such as maintaining the company’s website and choosing IT software and services, with the aim of improving productivity. In addition to that, I also revamp existing apps, while developing new ones. Me: Thank you for clearing the air. That is for sure a lot of work and that is why Summer's need an IT Engineer. I hope everyone's happy with hearing it from the horse's mouth.