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Team Summer's! (Missing our IT Engineer who is based in Malaysia.) "Congrats on your dream come true!" one of my friends greeted me enthusiastically as she presented me a bouquet of flowers on Summer's Official Opening two Saturdays ago.  My response? "Oh! Opening a center has never been my dream."   My friend was taken aback. Yup, that's right, I had never desired to open a physical center, and so this 'milestone' is not a 'dream come true'. And here's why... Reasons Why Opening a Center was Never a Dream A Love for Home-based Therapy First and foremost, I love home-based therapy. The comfort and security of the home brings out a different side of the children and their caregivers. I also get to see the real deal, of how a child behaves (or misbehaves) in his/her territory and how parents respond. Besides that, at least one caregiver will be around during the sessions, making debriefs, demonstrations and follow-up much easier. So, ev