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Two Saturdays ago, we had our first Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy trial session! In this blog entry, Jayne, the Speech Therapist in-charge of the therapy groups, answers some questions about what Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy is all about. It is definitely NOT any music and movement groups! Firstly, what is Sing-To-Talk? Sing-To-Talk is a series of materials created by Speech Therapist Hui Ting and Music Therapist Jenny Lee. Both of them met in 2008 when they were working together in a special school in Singapore. Hui Ting was looking for new and fun ideas to help children learn speech, language and social skills, while Jenny was exploring what else music can do. Together, they came up with this set of resources. While the resources were first created as hardcopies, part of it is now available on the app store. (Still a work in progress to get all the resources up!) Sing-To-Talk app preview What is Sing-To-Talk Group Therapy? Sing-to-