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2015, 2016, 2017 and 2018... Fourth Thanksgiving post! I am thankful just for that alone. Reflecting this year, Summer's has experienced much and so have I...  On the Personal Front 2018 is another year of plenty of overseas travels, but the trips are personal trips, not just work trips. I have made eight personal trips and connected and reconnected with people whom I hold dearly in my heart. In February, I was in Yangon for a day to attend the wedding of one of the teachers at New World Therapuetic Center for Special Needs Children. It was my honour to be invited to share the joy. These teachers are more than 'only people whom I work with'. In March, Mag invited me to join her life group to visit Israel. Her life group makes up of people closest to her, who have walked through life with her for nearly twenty years. This Israel trip did not only bring the Bible to life, it also brought Mag and I closer. Bible sharing at the Sea of Galilee \ Mag a


Finally back in Singapore after nearly three weeks in Myanmar! The word that came to mind when looking back at the last three weeks is 'connecting'. The first leg had me spending time with Danielle Ryan, the Angmo (Caucasian) version of me. We had met in 2012 when we were working in SPD. Since her return to Ireland in 2013, we kept in touch through infrequent text messages. However we made a point to visit each other every two years. This year, she came to Singapore where we retraced our favourite places and did our favourite activities, i.e. supervision over kaya toast and hanging out on The Bridge. Later we went on to Myanmar (Yangon and Taunggyi). It was awesome to show her Myanmar, a place I love.   Danielle and I having lunch at Inle Heirtage Centre! We had a great time looking at Burmese cats, not! Oh well, at least Danielle did! It was also in Taunggyi that I connected with Thiri Nwe, a Facebook friend. She is the founder of a therapuetic center in Taunggyi. It