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This is the third year-end post of Summer's Journey! I am just thankful for another chance of thanksgiving. Going Places 2017 has brought me to places... Brunei... Jakarta... Kuala Lumpur... Myanmar... I am thankful for the many opportunities to do overseas training and consultation in these various countries. It allowed me to see the many needs in these countries, as well as forged several friendships. I am thankful to be able to connect with many people during these trips, especially in Myanmar. I have been going to Myanmar for training and consultation work on a quarterly basis. I have met veterans of the special needs field, and hear of their stories, of how they started decades ago when Myanmar had limited resources... and even up till today. My admiration goes to their perseverance, commitment and passion for people with special needs. Inspirational indeed! Group Work during one of the Trainings at New World The Team at New World Therapeutic Center for Spec