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1 March 2017 marks a milestone for Summer's Therapy Services. We have a new Speech Thera pist joined us. *Yeah! More children can be served!* Let's have a chat with Magdeline to find out more... HT: Hi Mag, w elcome onboard Summer’s Therapy Services! Mag:   Thank you! I am really happy to be part of Summer’s Therapy Services and am looking forward to contribute towards providing quality therapy and support to the children and their families that we will work with. HT: So, tell us a little about yourself. Mag: I have been a Speech Therapist since 2015. Prior to joining Summer’s, I worked as a Speech Therapist at KK Women’s and Children’s Hospital, Department of Child Development, working with children with developmental delays which had impacted their speech and language. I was formally working in the Real Estate industry after graduating from NUS,  but have always had a desire to work with children. Other than my Masters degree in Speech Pathology which I ob