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Last week, I was sharing with YS' Mummy on how to facilitate language learning in everyday routine. I shared with her the S.P.A.R.K. approach by Hanen TM . She looked at me straight in the eyes and told me flatly that she had undergone the entire Hanen TM  'It Takes Two to Talk' programme and it was not effective at all! ( Prior to this, Daddy had shared with me how YS was talking before she started using Picture Communication System, and how she just lost her speech totally the moment her school placed her on the Picture Communication System a few years back. He also mentioned that YS has been doing oromotor exercises for a long time with little results. ) When Mummy told me outright that what I shared is nothing new and it is totally ineffective, I did not take it to heart at all. In fact, I felt really sad. It added on to the sadness which I was feeling after hearing what Daddy had shared. I asked myself what had gone wrong. YS' parents had tried almost every r


Happy Teachers' Day to all Educators out there, regardless of whether you are a teacher or a therapist! Being an educator is not a easy journey... but definitely a rewarding one. Like how parents would celebrate every little achievement their child with special needs makes, I celebrate every little achievement that the children I work with make. Two weeks ago, one of my new client's mum told me, "You know, it took me THREE weeks to teach LD to tap my hand to get my attention when requesting for an item!" I thought to myself, "Three weeks is not too bad at all! I have had worked with children who took three months or even longer!" Today, as many educators celebrate Teachers' Day in school, I wish all of you a Happy Teacher's Day. You deserve all the recognition for the hard work which you have put into our children. Of course, not forgetting the LOVE which you have showered on each of them, bringing them to greater heights every day. Happy Tea