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SNIPPET (1) I have always loved how Mum relates with him. She never treats him as a child with Autism. She brought him for cycling from East Coast to Marina Barage on the PCN. She brought him to Taiwan for holiday. She brought him to Christmas Wonderland at Gardens by the Bay. She brought him to Home Team Festival at Singapore Expo. She gives him all the opportunities and experiences a typically-developing boy would have... and more. She gives him her unconditional love. And of course, with this, he grows into a highly-esteemed boy, achieving his potential. This December, he will be having a piano performance during a church service. And I am honoured to be invited. SNIPPET (2) This month I went on a consultation trip in Brunei. I saw three children and made one of them cry... badly... (and I felt really bad even if it was only for three minutes). In a consultation session (especially when overseas), I have little time to build rapport with the child. There are many th