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July marked the first year anniversary of Summer's Therapy Services ! As the founder and director of Summer's , I am proud to announce that with effect from 1 July 2016, we are known as Summer's Therapy Services Private Limited . It has been a really enjoyable year working with children in their homes. Several parents have shared that they appreciate that the sessions are at home because their child is much happier in therapy. This feedback encourages me greatly. I am thankful that I have created a service which helps these families. July was also a month of visions! At this one year mark, I am reminded of why I had started  Summer's , when one of my good friends, Lee, introduced a book called 'Larger than Life'. It is a collection of stories of Singaporeans who are serving in developing countries, through a wide range of projects, using whatever talents and skills they have been blessed with. Be inspired by Larger than Life ! Several years ago