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And so... our teletherapy sessions will live on! For another four more weeks... till 1 June... together with the extension of our Circuit Breaker. Since we suspended all face-to-face sessions on 8 April, we have been providing teletherapy*. Despite this being a fairly new area for us, it was not difficult to pick up; there are plenty of resources online such as suggested teletherapy platforms and therapy resources. However, I wish someone has given me the following five tips! # Tip 1: Do NOT leave food cooking in your rice cooker just before lunch break! If your teletherapy session is at 11 am, just before lunch, do NOT put anything to cook in the rice cooker, thinking that the food will be ready right when your session is over. The aroma of the food can be a huge distraction!  All-in-a-pot mushroom chicken rice! Smells sooooo good! (Yes, surprise! HT can cook... a little.) # Tip 2: Do NOT leave your clothes out to dry during your session! After doing your lau


As at 8 April 2020, Summer's has stopped all home-based sessions, and we will resume from 5 May. This is in line with schools' home-based learning (HBL) period. This decision was a tough but also an easy one (regardless of the COVID-19 bill). We are a small enterprise; for every session we cancel, our revenue suffers. Our services come under 'healthcare' and we are not centre-based. We could have argued to be 'essential' services and we do not have a physical centre to 'close shop'. We also know of therapy companies who are still operating, by shifting all sessions to home-based; nobody will know because they are just going into the homes. However, why did Summer's make the decision to stop all sessions? What were our considerations? The Spirit of Social Distancing The COVID-19 situation started escalating towards the end of March; there were more local clusters. I worry for my staff members. I put in several extra precautionary measures, incl