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I just returned from Yangon, Myanmar, a couple of weeks ago. That was my third trip this year, to conduct a series of training, for teachers, parents and other professionals (Physiotherapists, Principals, Psychologists, etc). It has been an awesome journey working with professionals who are so eager to learn, in Myanmar, where they have very limited Speech Therapy services. (There is only one practicing Speech Therapist in Yangon, Myanmar at the time of this writing.) Between my previous trip in May and my latest trip in August, I came to know that TalkToolsⓇ and ARK Therapeutic tools are now available in Myanmar. On one hand, I am very happy and excited about the availability. On the other hand, I am worried. There are two main considerations: Using OPT as an Only Approach to Speech Delay When I first started out as a Speech Therapist in 2008, Oral Placement Therapy (OPT; then known as Oral Motor Therapy) was a big thing in Singapore. Many parents bought the therapy tools in b