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Mingalabar! Just completed two runs of "Oral Motor Therapy" workshop with New Life Foundation and New World Therapeutic Center for Special Needs Children, in Yangon, Myanmar. Each workshop was two days and the participants were simply amazing! One of the funniest and most 'complimentary' moment for me was this... To introduce myself, I started the workshop with a few photos to tell the participants a little about myself. Below is one of the photos. It tells three things about me. From this photo, can you guess the three things about me? Quite a few could guess that (1) I work mainly with children and (2) I have nearly ten years of experience as a Speech Therapist. However, none could guess the third thing. I then gave them a clue that it has something to do with the paint on the hands. Some said "You have worked with all kinds of children, because of the many colours." (well, this is not untrue but yet not totally true. My main experience is i