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The first quarter of the year flew passed just like that. It has been an exciting start at Summer's.  On 1 March, we welcomed Hon Tjuin, our IT Engineer. Not only will he be supporting Summer's IT needs, he will be continually revamping and developing our Sing-To-Talk app series. Sing-To-Talk Sing-To-Talk is something which I hold very dear to my heart. The series of materials was created by myself and my Music Therapist friend, Jenny Lee from New Zealand. The Little Monkey and Ice Cream Man are ready for download. They focus on basic vowel sounds and consonant-vowel (b/p/m) combinations. Research shows that music supports the development of speech and language. I have also witness its wonderous effects in the children I work with. The children love the catchy tunes and it helps them produce the sounds and remember the long sentences. Sing-To-Talk is still very much a work-in-progress. We hope to beef