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Recently my mum suffered a little injury and needed Physiotherapy. An enthusiastic me accompanied her to the first session and met with the Physiotherapist (PT). The PT prescribed a few exercises and massages as home practice. I assured the PT that I would be able to do all these home tasks with my mum and hence a review was booked for a long three weeks later. Being a therapist myself, I have given tonnes of home practices to parents. I am no stranger to home practices. My philosophy is "these exercies and strategies are pretty straight forward. You don't need to spend money on more sessions, just for me to come and do these exercises or practice these strategies." Well, with my mum's episode, I was placed on the other side. And there were a few 'ah-ha' moments. Firstly, it takes quite a bit of patience to do home practice with someone you are closely related to. I quickly became annoyed when my mum was unable to do as instructed. My expectations of