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Saturdays have been the 'golden days' since I started my private practice three and a half years ago. This is the day when children do not go to school and parents are off from work. For the first two years, I saw five children every Saturday, then four and now finally three. With the extra time now, I started scheduling 'screening' sessions. These are new referrals who needed to be screened, so that I know the child's needs, their parental concerns and which of my therapists will be able to meet those needs and concerns best. Last Saturday I had scheduled one of these screening sessions. Maybe due to my recent heavy workload of therapy sessions, supervision, travels for consultations and preparation for my upcoming long trip to Myanmar, I was feeling tired. I would love to finish my Saturday a couple of hours earlier. I would love to go home for a nice shower, rest and a change of clothes before my dinner appointment, rather than going in my work clothes like a