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Last month, I was listening to the audiobook 'Just a Minute' by Wess Stafford. I am really excited to know that I have so many 'just a minute' moments everyday as I work with children. And Wess Stafford defines these moments as Divine Appointments. He said, "If God stands a child before you, for even just a minute, it is a divine appointment. You have the chance to launch a life if you will. You will never know when you are making a memory. With each child you encounter, you have the power, the opportunity to build up or sadly to tear down. A life can be literally launched with as little as a single word, an uplifting comment, a well-timed hug, a tender prayer, a compliment, the holding of a frightened hand or the gentle wiping of a tear. All in just a minute." As much as it is true that I have given the children many 'just a minute' moments, they have also returned the favour. And not to forget those moments their parents/caregivers hav