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The Speech Buddies is a rather interesting set of tools. It targets the five most common problem sounds. Each tool trains the tongue to make the correct shape by providing targets that the child can feel. I will share about three children whom I have used the tools with. And all were success stories! However, I regret to say that all three had problems with the same sound /l/.   The Story of Ariel   Age: Turning 7 this year Problem Sound: /l/ Her Story: Ariel was having severe motor planning difficulties when I first met her. We worked on sequential movements, through activities for gradation and dissociation of her jaw, lips and tongue. After about 6 months, we started on individual sounds. She sailed through /s/, /z/, /f/ and /v/ but her difficulties with /l/ persisted. Ariel tends to stick her tongue out between her teeth when saying words such as 'lion' and 'lamb'. She has difficulty with tongue elevation, i


I love the mummies (and daddies) whom I work with. They are so resourceful, always looking out for new therapy tools and approaches to help their child. They are so willing to share their discoveries and I can pass it on to bless other parents. One of the best recommendations is SPEECH BUDDIES. The child, let's call her Ariel, is turning 7 this year and she presented with severe motor planning difficulties when I first met her 9 months ago. With fervent follow-up on the home tasks by her mum, Ariel has made much improvement and we progressed to working on individual speech sounds. Ariel sailed through sounds such as /s/, /z/, /f/ and /v/, in isolation (initial and final positions) and in words. However, her difficulties with /l/ persisted. I tried the following methods and tools and achieved little success: (1) Tapping the back of her upper front teeth to encourage tongue elevation (2) Using the Tongue Elevator (3) Using PR