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Tomorrow is the last day of 2021! The second year with COVID-19. I cannot tell you all how grateful I am to have survived yet another year in the midst of COVID.  AWESOME TEAM I am super thankful of my staff members. With many changes in the Government's COVID measures, my team is always on standby, ready to act in accordance to MOH's directives - therapy groups of 2 or groups of 5, ART if the child has a HRW, ART if the child has a family member with IO, etc. Pfft! So many different variations! All my staff members also followed my directive to take weekly ART without hesitation, even when it was not mandated. They conscientiously followed up with sending declarations to parents before every session. For my home-based therapists, they even had to eat their lunches in a corner at void decks when no dining-in was allowed!  PARTNERS Families - So thankful for the families who supported us throughout the past year. They did not kick a fuss when we took extra safety measures to can