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Yeah! Another year of Summer's has flew passed... I am proud and thankful of Journey 2019. Our team has grown! We have onboard our IT Engineer, Hon Tjuin, in March and another Speech Therapist, Jayne in June. I am especially thankful that these two new colleagues share similar values and passion. This is priceless. In November, we visited Hon Tjuin, who is working remotely in Sitiawan, Malaysia. We had such a great time connecting with one another and even had our early annual DnD. Hon Tjuin also updated the team on his latest work projects. It was great to see his work station too; now we can visualise where he is when we do our Skype calls. We also met his Aunt, Grandmother and Grandfather. Oh! And his two dogs. This year, we also see a new collaborative relationship with Inner Circle, in Dhaka, Bangladesh. I have been consultating for Inner Circle's Speech Therapy services since April. I see the Speech Therapy team group grow from one therapist to three, and th