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As the year come to an end, it is time for thanksgiving! Plentiful of Contacts I am thankful for the many clients referred by parents, ex-colleagues and friends. The referrals are affirmations that the work I do is not too bad. I am also thankful for connections to do work overseas so that my knowledge and experiences may be shared and more children can receive the support they need. Visiting New World Therapeutic Centre for Special Needs Children, Yangon, Myanmar. Best Reconnection I am thankful for reconnecting with a group of ex-colleagues from NUH, where I had worked as a therapist assistant in 2002. We have not met up since 2008? They are a reminder of how I started my journey as a Speech Therapist. I am thankful to them for being there during the crossroad of my life and hearing me out during our many lunches together. Their passion and love for the people they work with showed me what the profession is all about. I am not Alone I know I am not alone despite