A Circuit Breaker (CB) in Singapore! Being stuck in the Movement Control Order (MCO) in Malaysia! What a way to mark the first anniversary of our Speech Therapist, Jayne. Let's have a chat with her and get to know her a bit more. 

Me: Hi Jayne, time flies! It has been a year since you started at Summer's. Tell us a little about how your first year went.

Jayne: Hi Hui Ting 😄 Time has definitely flown by! Well.. to summarize the year, I would say that it has been a year of growth, both from a personal and professional standpoint. Lots have happened over the past year, particularly this past 3 months which is an unusual time for all of us as we face the global pandemic together. Having to change our routines, the way we work, while coping with the unfamiliar situation has definitely taught me personally to value simple things in life and to count my blessings each day. Last year I took a big leap of faith to relocate from Malaysia to Singapore. It was not an easy decision and it took me a lot of courage to be away from family, change career location, as well as to sit for the AHPC Speech-Language Therapist qualifying exams. Reflecting back, I am very thankful for making that decision and for being in the right place at the right time! Without sitting for the exams, I would not have met Melissa and be linked up with you! Joining Summer's is one of the best decisions I have made. I have learned so much from each and everyone in the team. All of you have taught me in your own unique ways to grow in different aspects. Not only have I gained clinical knowledge and experience in the past year, but I've also been challenged personally as an individual to grow in confidence while finding my footing in this thing called 'life'. 

Me: Sitting for the exams is indeed the best thing! Hahaha! I would not have known you otherwise. Like I always say, nothing is by coincidence. So... what has been the best thing about joining Summer's? What is something that is 'not so nice'?

Jayne: One word - Family! Despite being physically away from my own family, I take comfort knowing that I have a new family in Singapore at Summer's. At Summer's, we support and encourage each other through the good, the bad and the ugly. We motivate and care for one another, ensuring that no one feels left out, left behind, or lost. Knowing that I am in a safe and supportive learning environment has further inspired me to strive to be a better clinician and individual. Work wise, I love the flexibility in working hours and having to travel to clients' homes. Initially I was concerned about having to travel alone around Singapore, however I have grown to enjoy my me-time while taking the public transport and writing my case notes in kopitiams in between sessions haha! Having to conduct home-based therapy has taught me to be flexible and creative in terms of using resources from clients' homes. One of the challenges I faced as a junior clinician is the confidence in coaching parents and other therapists (i.e. ABA therapists) to implement therapy techniques and strategies. It is definitely an area that I would like to continue working on. That being said, I am blessed with the opportunity to work with and learn from these wonderful families and therapists. 

The Summerians! From right to left: Melissa, Mag, Hon Tjuin, Jayne and Hui Ting

Me: Glad that you feel our love, little one! Work aside, tell us a little about yourself. 

Jayne: I am a kampung girl from Terengganu. I left home and furthered my studies in Melbourne, Australia. I stayed in Australia for 7 years with my siblings, from my foundation year till completion of my Masters program. As a child, I led a sheltered life. Hence relocating to Singapore is one of the most critical turning points of my life as I stepped out on my own. Growing up, I would describe myself as a timid person. In the past few years, I have definitely grown to be more courageous and hope to continue working on that aspect. When I am not working, you would probably find me in the gym haha! Exercise has played a big role in my life. It has helped me to grow physically and mentally. It helps build my physical stamina and strength, which is important in this job as travelling to homes for therapy while carrying a backpack for the whole day can be physically draining at times. Through exercise, I have also learned to better understand my body and mind. I recalled once being scared during a CrossFit box jump training. I was worried that I might not be able to jump high enough and that I might fall. But once I understood what my body is capable of, and set my mind to conquer my fears, I managed to jump and land on the box (after multiple failed attempts)! It was a valuable lesson for me to face life challenges like how I face my fears while jumping towards that box - to have courage to fall, courage to fail, and to keep on trying! 

Beautiful Terengganu Kampung!

Me: Woah, beautiful view! Maybe we can have our next company retreat at your kampung! So what do you look forward to in the next year at Summer's? 

Jayne: Going forward, there are three goals that I would like to work on in the next year at Summer's: 
(1)  To further develop my clinical knowledge and skills in different areas of speech therapy, as well as to continue building my soft skills. 
(2) To further grow in confidence to provide training and coaching to parents, teachers and other therapists. 
(3) To further adapt my skills to different environments - be it home-based or centre-based. 
I am very excited about the opening of Summer's centre that is happening soon! Looking forward to another year of learning and adapting! 

Me: What centre?


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